17th November 2018

T Minus -93 days until
O.C Commence

Bookings are now open for Operation Chameleon 2018!

This year is bigger, harder and further than ever before!

Bookings must close on 31st October at Midday, please do not ask for changes to your group after this date!

To register your group head over to operationchameleon.org.uk/book-now.

This years cost for young people is £20.50 with all adults and leaders remaining free!

Buses are just leaving the Wyre Forest – We’ll be back at ARUPs around 9pm for a short presentation ceremony!

Do you think you’ve won?!

We are in for another massive year at Operation Chameleon, with record numbers across all sections…we cannot wait!

Previous feedback shows that some of the rules have been conflicting and complicated so we’ve re-written the rules and the scoring structure for 2017. Make sure you check everything to make sure you’re not caught short on the day!

New documents are available from: The Downloads Page on the website

Any queries then please let us know ASAP!

Bookings are now open for Operation Chameleon 2017!

This year we’re going to….ha, like we’d tell you that 🙂

Bookings must close on 31st October at Midday.

To register your group head over to operationchameleon.org.uk/book-now.

This years cost for young people is £17 with all adults and leaders remaining free!

Thank you to everyone who took part in this years event, we hope you’ll agree it’s been one of the best!

This years results are now online, please find them on the website here

As always, we really appreciate your feedback which can be given HERE

We will be in touch soon with a date for Operation Chameleon 2017!

As we approach our final week before Operation Chameleon 2016 we have some important last minute notices for you

Health Forms

These must be completed before you take part in the event…wether you’re an adult or a young person it does not matter, every health form must be complete. Please contact your group leader if you have an issue.

Kit Check Times

Kit Check Times are now available on the website, CLICK HERE – Please coordinate with your group leader who will advise what time they want you to arrive at ARUP.

Arup Map

So you know where you’re meant to be going and in what order we’ve produced this map: CLICK HERE – Please pay attention to marshalls on the day who will advise further!

Conflicting Rules

We’ve been made aware of conflicting rules in the full & field rule book. To clarify, the latest you should arrive back at the coaches should be 6.20pm. This is what is written in the field rule book.


This event cannot run without the use of mobile phones. Although they do not appear on the kit list, if you have one available then please bring it, fully charged with all additional features turned off to save battery. We rely on phones for you to keep us up to date with where you are!


If you have any questions in the final few days please contact mission.control@operationchameleon.org.uk


We have just published the Rule Books and Kit Lists for 2016. They can be found online here: DOWNLOADS

We suggest that you pay extra attention to the changed and updated rules about waypoints!

Please make sure that you have received and completed your health form. If you haven’t received one then please contact your group leader, you cannot take part in Operation Chameleon without completing your health form!

More information about kit check times will be available shortly!

We need extra people to help us on the morning of Operation Chameleon supporting Kit Check at Arups on Blythe Valley Business Park. You don’t need a scouting DBS and it will only take a couple of hours at the most but it means that we can kit check all participants a lot quicker which then makes the arrival time at Arups later….if you can help then please reply to this email and let us know!

As always, any issues then please contact mission.control@operationchameleon.org.uk

With only two weeks left to get your bookings in, we’ve created this video to show you what really goes on at Operation Chameleon! Please share this video with your leaders, parents & young people. There is still plenty of space for lots of parent/leader catcher teams as well as scout & explorer running teams!

Check out the video here: Promo Video

The time has come, bookings for Operation Chameleon 2016 are now live! Head to our website at operationchameleon.org.uk and use the links in the left hand bar to add or edit your group. You can also sign up as support staff in the same place! Please take a moment to read the rest of this briefing before signing up!


The cost for Operation Chameleon 2016 will be the same as 2015 – £16.50 per walking young person, there is no charge for any adults.

Booking System

We are using the Scouts EMS booking system for our bookings this year, for more information about this system please look here: https://scouts-ems.org.uk/

How To Book

Groups are responsible for registering all of their walking members in one group booking. As last year Scout teams must be entered in to the ratio of 1 adult to 5 young people as a minimum; any scout teams not meeting this ratio risk not being able to participate on the day! On the day of the event we can quickly create the teams to suit the ratios within the rules and get you through kit check and on to the bus to our new mystery location, we will be using ARUPS again as a departure/arrivals base! We have listened to your feedback and we’re trying really hard to speed up the morning process, more on that to follow!

Catching Teams must register in pairs.

Booking Deadline

Bookings will be locked down at 9pm on 30th September. Under no circumstances will there be any additions or removals after this date. When bookings have closed you will be able to download your invoice for payment from Scouts EMS Group Dashboard, payments must be paid before the start of the event.

Health Forms & DBS

All young person health forms must be complete one week before the event, it is the leaders responsibility to make sure that these are completed through Scouts EMS.

Every adult walking with scout teams must have a valid scouting DBS showing on compass. Each catching team must have a minimum of one adult with a valid scouting DBS showing on compass. The deadline for DBS checks will be one week before the event. Any DBS not showing on compass by this date may mean that the adult cannot take part in the event.

The Next Step

We’re currently revising our rule books and kit list ready to release to you…we’ve got some exciting new rules that we can’t wait to share with you!


As always if you have any issues please email us mission.control@operationchameleon.org.uk

…what a terrific year we’ve had, Operation Chameleon has continued to grow every year and this, our 4th year was by far the biggest so thank you for getting involved.

The Results Table is now online, please head to the website or CLICK HERE to view the results. Congratulations to all of our winners, we look forward to seeing photos of your trophies in your meeting place!

A big thank you is in order to your leaders, your parents and to all of our volunteers who made this event possible, it’s so rewarding to know how many people are there to “just lend a hand” when needed!

We want Operation Chameleon to continue growing, but that can only happen if we get your feedback so please take a minute to fill in our feedback form, FIND IT HERE

We hope to be back shortly with information about Operation Chameleon 2016, our 5th Birthday!!