17th November 2018

T Minus -62 days until
O.C Commence

  1. Please remember that each group needs to enter a minimum of one catcher team when an initial scout or explorer team has entered. As more teams are entered a ratio of 1:3 is our aim. That means if you have entered three teams please enter at least one catch team. Remember, catcher teams can comprise 2 to 4 persons over 18.
  2. Some groups are holding back from registering catcher teams until all CRB’s have cleared. As long as the CRB has been completed and is in the system, teams should enter. Operation Chameleon CRB’s have priority and will be cleared in time.

Thank you all for being patient with us while we finalised the starting times of the event, We can now release the key dates and times for Operation Chameleon

  • The OS map reference number will be announced to participating teams on Sunday 4th November
  • The muster point location will be announced to participating teams on Sunday 11th November
  • The Muster Point will be approx 40min drive from Solihull.
  • The Explorer teams are to meet at muster point at 8.30am
  • The Scout teams are to meet at muster point at 9.30am
  • The Catcher teams are to meet at muster point at 10am
  • The Event finishes/parent pick up at 8.30pm

There is also a new update of the rules online, Please take note of the attached appendix which shows what rules have been changed!!

Make sure you get your bookings in soon before applications close on the 31st October!

There have been a number of people asking us wether parents or other adults can be a member of a catching team without having to get a scouting CRB.

The answer to this is that every adult member involved with Operation Chameleon will need a CRB Check through The Scout Association.

Please fill out an Occasional Helper form and send it to the relevant person as soon as you can so we can get them processed with enough time!

OH Forms can be downloaded from the County Website