17th November 2018

T Minus -62 days until
O.C Commence

At the Leaders Briefing we promised that an official Operation Chameleon 2012 Certificate for Scouts and Explorers who took part in the event would be made available.
These are now available and can be downloaded by Leaders. Participants names can be filled in on MS Word, printed-off and presented at your next meeting.

Click Here to download the Certificate

Results are now online too, Please navigate to the link in the left hand column to find where your team finished!

The Operations Chameleon Management Team would like to thank all the Leaders and helpers who supported us throughout the day in many different roles. We’d also like to thank Bearley and Snitterfield district scout Group HQ and camp for offering us the use of their hall and grounds for the day.

More importantly we’d like to thank all the young people who took part in Operation Chameleon. We hope you had a great day and will want to come back again next year.

We do have some Lost Property left over from Saturday. If you’ve lost anything please email us here command.centre@solihullscouts.org.uk

Did you take any photographs? If so we would love to get your photos, videos and funny stories from Operation Chameleon. Please do email these to us!

Finally, we do want your feedback on this year’s event, whether it be good or bad. Please complete our survey http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/JN93CCN.

The countdown has begun to Operation Chameleon 2013. Look out for the date which will shortly be announced.

Photos and Results will be online soon!

As many of you I’m sure are aware, Ash Die Back is a big topic in the news at the moment. To do our bit to help please can you make sure that your boots are clean at the start of the event. If they are washed and a mud free then it will help prevent the spread of Ash Die Back which will make sure we are doing our bit to help the Environments Agency and it’ll also help to keep the coaches clean! Please also make sure you clean your boots after the event!

The health forms are now live, The password should have been emailed to you, If not then please speak to you Team Leader or Assistant Leader, If you’re still stuck then please follow the contact us link on the left!

Each person needs to personally do their online form and group health forms will not be accepted because each health form is barcoded and personal!

With less than one week to go we can now reveal the secret muster point & operations centre for next weekend

1st Bearley and Snitterfield Scout Group HQ & camp site – grid ref 188 601 – please link on the left!

Please note that this map will be provided at Kit check on the day & is to be used in conjunction with OS Map 205 needed for the event which teams are required to supply for themselves.

Directions from Solihull – follow the A3400 Stratford Road through Henley in Arden & Wootten Wawen.
Pass under railway bridge at Bearley & turn left passing “Countrywide” agricultural shop. Continue along Bearley Road passing through village & 1st Bearley & Snitterfield Scout HQ is on your right. Look out for the Operation Chameleon signs from the Stratford Road.

Traffic marshals will guide you to the drop off point & a one way traffic flow will be in operation.
Leaders whose vehicle will remain on site throughout the duration of the event will be shown where to park.
Please note that due to the high numbers participating please may we request that all vehicles dropping off do so as quickly as possible – your co-operation with this will be greatly appreciated.

Explorer teams – please arrive at 8.30am
Scout teams – please arrive at 9.30am
Catching teams – to arrive from 10.30am (no earlier please)

Upon arrival please proceed straight to Operations Check in.
Check in is done on an individual basis & NOT as a team.
DO NOT FORGET TO PRINT OFF, SIGN & BRING WITH YOU YOUR INDIVIDUAL HEALTH FORM – you will need to present this when checking in. They can be downloaded from the link on the left, The password will be emailed to you soon!
Once checked in individuals will be directed to a holding area where they will await the rest of their team.
When your team is complete please proceed to kit check.

Pick up – please arrange for pick up at 8.30pm.
Vehicles to proceed to the drop off point where they will be met by marshals who will request the names of those to be picked up – the names will be announced on the PA & the individuals will proceed to the awaiting vehicles.
>PLEASE may we request your patience & full co-operation at pick up.

The Operations team respectfully ask that scouts/explorers/catchers DO NOT visit the area surrounding the muster point in preparation for Operation Chameleon for the following reasons –
1) The site is locked when not in use with no areas for the parking of vehicles outside of the grounds.
2) Warwickshire Police are aware of the event on Saturday 17th November with numbers of teams involved – they are not expecting groups to be in the area leading up to the event. We also do not wish to upset locals before OR during the event.
3) Teams that visit beforehand may also have an unfair advantage over other participants.
4) Teams risk being disqualified if they are discovered to have pre-visited the area.

Good luck to all participating teams – see you next Saturday!

Hi All,

Merchandise orders are now closed, The merchandise will be available for you to collect when you arrive at Mission Control!

We’ve just published the Check In and Capture page: HERE – Please take a look at it and bookmark it on your phone. It’s not live and you don’t know your team IDs yet so if you input data, Nothing will happen!

There is another system used for capturing and checking in if you do not have mobile web signal in the field, We’ll release details on this soon!

We’ve uploaded the file that was shown to leaders at the leaders briefing, If you missed the meeting then please take 5 minutes to take a look at this and familiarise your self with what’s going on!

Health forms will be available soon, They are going to be an online system which then leads each player to print out the form, Get it signed by a Parent or Guardian and bring it with them on the day, Also attached to the health form will be the emergency card which all players must arrive at Mission Control with and carry on them all day, Spot checks will be made!!

We can now tell everyone involved that the map you need to purchase for Operation Chameleon 2012 is not Packwood (Yes, We’ve heard some rumours too) but it is infact OL205 Stratford-Upon-Avon and Evesham

As mentioned previously, Cotswold in Solihull has got extra stock of this map so to guarentee you get yours, Pay them a visit! You’ll also get 20% Discount because you are a Solihull Scout Member that makes the cost of the map only £6.39!!

This time next week will announce the muster point for the event. Keep watching this space for information about health forms too!

That’s it folks! Registrations for this years Operation Chameleon are now closed! Thank you to everyone that has registered, You’re going to make it an excellent first year!

Statistics show that we have 43 Scout Teams, 13 Explorer Team and over 15 Hunting Teams – That totals a massive 315 out in the field for Operation Chameleon, Noting of course that this doesn’t include Mission Control Staff!!

There is a short briefing on Sunday at Milpool Scout HQ at 5.15pm – The purpose of this meeting is to give the adult members some basic background knowledge, It’s not essential you go as the information will be on the website in due course, But if you’ve got a question then head down!

Also on Sunday is the big map number announcement, We are proud to announce that Cotswold in Solihull has endorsed this event and has got in an extra stock of “The Map” for us, Don’t forget, At Cotswold you can get your Scouts discount of 20% which brings the map price down to £6.39 – A bargain for an OS Map!

Don’t forget to keep buying merchandise, The shop will stay open until the 7th November!

Hunting teams can still register via the link on the left!

As normal, Questions can be emailed to us, We shall be in touch soon!!