17th November 2018

T Minus -62 days until
O.C Commence

That’s it folks! Registrations for this years Operation Chameleon are now closed! Thank you to everyone that has registered, You’re going to make it an excellent first year!

Statistics show that we have 43 Scout Teams, 13 Explorer Team and over 15 Hunting Teams – That totals a massive 315 out in the field for Operation Chameleon, Noting of course that this doesn’t include Mission Control Staff!!

There is a short briefing on Sunday at Milpool Scout HQ at 5.15pm – The purpose of this meeting is to give the adult members some basic background knowledge, It’s not essential you go as the information will be on the website in due course, But if you’ve got a question then head down!

Also on Sunday is the big map number announcement, We are proud to announce that Cotswold in Solihull has endorsed this event and has got in an extra stock of “The Map” for us, Don’t forget, At Cotswold you can get your Scouts discount of 20% which brings the map price down to £6.39 – A bargain for an OS Map!

Don’t forget to keep buying merchandise, The shop will stay open until the 7th November!

Hunting teams can still register via the link on the left!

As normal, Questions can be emailed to us, We shall be in touch soon!!