17th November 2018

T Minus -62 days until
O.C Commence

As many of you I’m sure are aware, Ash Die Back is a big topic in the news at the moment. To do our bit to help please can you make sure that your boots are clean at the start of the event. If they are washed and a mud free then it will help prevent the spread of Ash Die Back which will make sure we are doing our bit to help the Environments Agency and it’ll also help to keep the coaches clean! Please also make sure you clean your boots after the event!

The health forms are now live, The password should have been emailed to you, If not then please speak to you Team Leader or Assistant Leader, If you’re still stuck then please follow the contact us link on the left!

Each person needs to personally do their online form and group health forms will not be accepted because each health form is barcoded and personal!