17th November 2018

T Minus -62 days until
O.C Commence

The kit list and rule book is now online and available to download here: Clicky!

Please remember that all the rules and the entire kit list applies to everyone this year: Scouts, Explorers and Catchers!

Make sure you take time to read and understand the rules and ki tlist as there have been some changes since the last mission in 2012.

Bookings available at operationchamleon.org.uk from 8am tomorrow, Don’t forget!

This was meant to be ‘Important Mission Announcement No. 4’  but due to a few extra sums our Chameleon had to do, it had to be delayed. However, we can now release the price for all young people taking part in Operation Chameleon 2013 will be £15! Following last years feedback, payments will be able to be made view cheque or online in September. The fee this year includes:

  • Transport for all playing members to and from the playing field which will be up to a one and a half hour bus journey away from a central location in Solihull (tbc)
  • Sew on badges for all participants
  • A hot snack for all participants
  • Coloured maps for all teams

As part of the delay with this announcement we have needed to make a few amendments to two of the rules, They now detail:

  • All catcher teams must consist of 2 people
  • All Scout teams must be either 5 or 6 people including an adult

We remind you that no adults taking part in Operation Chameleon will be charged but will receive the same things as the youths taking part, it is for this reason we’ve had to restrict the size of catcher teams

As before if you have any questions then please email us at mission.control@operationchameleon.org.uk

Also, If you have too many or too little people for a team then let us know and we can match some people together!

The rule book and kit list will be updated on the website tomorrow (Thursday).

Bookings open Friday, Will you be the first team to register?!

Our Important Mission Announcement for tonight is that:

Bookings open at 8am on Friday 12th July

Between now and then we’ll be updating the website with the updated rule book and kit list but here’s a few reminders on how to build your team:

  • Scout teams must be a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 6 people including one adult (Must be 18+)
  • Explorer teams must be a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 6 people
  • Catcher teams must be a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 4 people
  • Scout teams must be made of only scouts and an adult, No explorers
  • Explorer teams cannot contain “Old scouts” or “Young Adults/Leaders” – Explorers only.
  • All adults in a catching team must be 18 or older and have a valid CRB Check with The Scout Association
  • All teams must come up with a Team Name

If you’re an individual looking for a team or there’s two of you looking for a team, then email us at mission.control@operationchameleon.org.uk and we’ll put some people together!

Will you be the first team to register? We shall see!

Have you seen our other Important Mission Announcements? Click the links below to see them!

Important Mission Announcement No.1 – Catchers

Important Mission Announcement No.2 – Muster Point

Announcement No.2 for the week:

Included in the Operation Chameleon Registration Fee this year will be transport to the playing field.

The muster point will be a Solihull Location (We would release it, But we’re waiting for confirmation, Will release details when we can) where Kit Check will take place for all teams.

After kit check and mobile registration you will be put on to buses to be taken to your starting point. As soon as you’re off the bus at the other end, The game begins!

Doing it this way means you will not know where you are going until you’re on the way there! This does however mean you won’t know which map number to buy so we’re proud to say that we will provide the maps for you.

After the event has finished we will of course bring you back to the same muster point.

The muster point will be a secure location with lots of space so adults should not worry about leaving their cars at the Muster Point all day.

Did you see last nights announcement?

The first announcement for the week is some details about arrangements for Catcher Teams this year.

  • All catcher teams will have to go through the same kit check process and drop off process as the running teams.
  • There will be no cost for catcher teams (or any supporting adult)
  • No vehicles are allowed
  • Adults from all sections are invited to take part as catching teams as well as CRB’d parents
  • Minimum age for catching teams is 18
  • Catching teams must consist of no more than 4 people and no less than 2
  • The “Catcher Team Trophy” has been redesigned this year by the current holders, A team from 1st Solihull!

Keep your eyes open for another announcement every day this week!