17th November 2018

T Minus -62 days until
O.C Commence

Announcement No.2 for the week:

Included in the Operation Chameleon Registration Fee this year will be transport to the playing field.

The muster point will be a Solihull Location (We would release it, But we’re waiting for confirmation, Will release details when we can) where Kit Check will take place for all teams.

After kit check and mobile registration you will be put on to buses to be taken to your starting point. As soon as you’re off the bus at the other end, The game begins!

Doing it this way means you will not know where you are going until you’re on the way there! This does however mean you won’t know which map number to buy so we’re proud to say thatĀ we will provide the mapsĀ for you.

After the event has finished we will of course bring you back to the same muster point.

The muster point will be a secure location with lots of space so adults should not worry about leaving their cars at the Muster Point all day.

Did you see last nights announcement?