17th November 2018

T Minus -62 days until
O.C Commence

Next up I’m afraid is just the waiting and excitement time. There are a couple of things you can do though:

1) Complete your health form – All health forms should have been emailed to you. Please fill them in online, there’s no need to print them this year! If you’ve not had your email then please contact your leader before contacting us!

2) Make sure you’ve paid – Some groups will be collecting money before paying us, some people are paying us directly. Either way, The payment deadline is THIS FRIDAY. Info on how to pay can be found here – For those of you at the Chief Scout Gold Awards this week, You can pay Paul Webb there.

3) Start preparing the kit list! Check the website for more details!

If you haven’t done these three things then you will not be allowed to check in on the 5th October as with out these important things we can’t let you take part so please make sure they’re all done!

Any questions then email us, We’re working super hard at the moment to get the admin done so please bear with us!

Thanks everyone, You’ve not disappointed us once again!!

In the last 24hrs, numbers have increased from 50 to nearly 300 participants!

Please take a moment to check this list: http://operationchameleon.org.uk/registered-teams/ – If your team name isn’t there or it’s in the wrong classification then please email us to let us know.

Everyone who is registered to take part should have received an emailed health form, If you haven’t please check with your group leader! No rush to get these filled in, as long as they’re done before you arrive at check in. We’ll be chasing you up over the next couple of weeks.

If there are any issues with registrations then please email us ASAP as we will be booking coaches soon so we really need to know final numbers!

For those of you at the County Cooking Competition tomorrow (or this morning, depends when you’re reading) a couple of people will be able to take Cheques/Cash off you. Please hand them to either Mat Spencer, Paul Webb or Michael Blake. £15 per young person taking part, there is no charge for any adults.

We look forward to seeing you all at check in two weeks tomorrow!!

As the booking deadline nears, the bookings are *slowly* starting to appear but there’s still not many, Infact, Only 51 young people and 16 adults!

Please keep letting people, adults, leaders & participants know that the booking deadline is just around the corner so they don’t miss out on this years event!

As the deadline of Friday night approaches, the booking deadline, We’ve currently only got one catching team.

Catching teams can be made of two people over the age of 18 as long as they’ve got a valid scouting CRB.

Please speak to your other group leaders from other Sections and to those parents that you’ve got signed up as Occasional Helpers, This will be a great event for everyone to take part in…

We’re getting an ever growing number of people asking about timings on the day, We have summarised them below but please be aware they are subject to change between now and the start of the event and on the day. We will keep you informed of all time changes as much as we can!

Don’t forget that the booking deadline is Midnight Friday with the payment deadline the following week.

Information on how to pay can  be found on the website’s home page. In addition to those listed ways, people can pay at the Blythe District Leaders Meeting this week, Look out for the Mission Control Staff in the branded tops!

Schedule of Events

8am Check In Opens

8.40am Check In Closes

9am Departure

10.30am Game Begins

4pm Food stop opens

5.30pm pm Food stop closes – Any team not passed through food stop by this time will be disqualified and collected by bus.

6:32pm Dusk

6:45pm First Flare (Game ends)

7:15pm Second Flare

7:15pm Onsite Deadline

8:00pm Presentations

8:30pm Depart Mission Control

9:30pm – 10pm Arrive Blythe Valley

Following on from last year we’ve learnt that getting to groups to pay online isn’t always the best option 🙂 To pay this year you’ve got the following options

1) BACs Transfer to our account:

AN: 00023498 SC: 40 – 52 – 40

“Solihull County Scout Council – Events”

2) Deliver cash or cheque to:

63 Purnells Way, Knowle, Solihull, B93 9JP

3) Give cash/cheque to organisers at County Cooking Competition on the 21st Sept.


Please remember there is no charge for any participating adult but all youth members must pay £15. Booking deadline for teams is the 20th September and payment deadline is 27th September. We will be sticking to these deadlines as we need to book coaches!

Any questions then let us know: mission.control@operationchameleon.org.uk

The Operation Chameleon Organising Team have had a really productive meeting tonight which leads to a number of key bits of information we need to get to all participants.

Drop Off Point

We can now announce that the car park for Arups on the Blythe Valley Business Park will be the collection and drop off point for Operation Chameleon. Kit check will open at 8am and close at 8.40am. All day parking is available for leaders and catching teams needed to leave their cars and a drop off zone will be available for all parents. Return to this locations will be between 9.30 & 10pm

Walking Distance

The starting and finish points in the game zone have now been set and we can tell you that the distance that needs to be covered is considerably less than last year. We know this was a big concern so it’s something we’ve really addressed for this year!

Booking Deadline

Booking Deadline for both Participants and Catching Teams will be the 20th September and the payment deadline will be the following week, the 27th September. Information on how to pay will be available soon.

Additional Team Kit

Each team will now also need to bring at least two Map Cases to the event.