17th November 2018

T Minus -62 days until
O.C Commence

After a really good review meeting the other night we are pleased to announce that Operation Chameleon will take place in 2014 on the 18th October

Your feedback has shown us that we need to:
1) Make it a harder challenge for Explorers
2) Make health forms work a bit better…
3) Find more catching teams!
4) Avoid other national event dates (Which we think we’ve done)

If there’s anything else you think we should take note of for the 2014 event then please let us know!

We’ll see you all on the 18th October 2014

The wait is over, the results table is now available to view and download online: Click here!

If you have any queries on how the results table has been populated then please consult the rule book, but in brief, it’s who had the most points and then ordered by who finished first.

As always it’s important we get your feedback so please Click Here to and complete our short survey. We will having a post event meeting of the Operations Team in the next couple of weeks where all of your feedback will be read and acted upon, if we want to continue this event and to keep it growing, your feedback is crucial.

If you have any photos from the day then please email them to us and we will be able to use them in future promotion of the event and publish them online so everyone can see what a great day we had!!

Finally, Thanks to all of you that have already sent us an email about the day, Your kind words and enthusiasm have really made the management team feel great about we’ve achieved. It’s these emails and comments that convince us to run the event again and again… watch this space.

What an amazing day, thank you to every who took part, you’ve made all of the management and all helpers involved feel great… All those smiles and cheering when finishing was superb, just wow.

The buses have now left and they will be back at Arups in about an hour from now (eta 2130) – The collection point is exactly the same as the drop off!

Go home, GET CLEAN, eat, drink and sleep.

Results will be online early next week!

We’ll see you in 2014.


All teams have now been delivered to their starting point somewhere on CANNOCK CHASE!

Please follow all progress on twitter at www.twitter.com/OpChameleon

Have a great day all teams!

Tomorrow lunch time we move Mission Control from a house in Knowle to out Command Centre for the weekend. We’re going to give you our final notices now, It also gives chance for you to email back with any burning questions. If needs be we will email round some FAQs tomorrow night. There are some at the end of this email too! Any questions then please reply to this email! Hopefully we haven’t missed anything!

Rule Amendments

It’s come to light there is a conflict between the Web Rules and the PDF Download. To settle this, The first flare will go up at 18.45 and the 2nd flare will go up at 19.15 – Anyone not on site by 19.45 will be disqualified.

Mobile Phones

Like last year, All check ins and captures will be run via text message… don’t worry, it’s an easier system then last year, we promise. Please make sure your phones are fully charged and you have turned off all unnecessary features like 3G, Bluetooth, GPS etc etc, you won’t need them, just the ability to send and receive text messages!

Kit List

It has come to light that the link to the Operation Chameleon website from the County Website links to last years website. Please make sure you have the 2013 kit list as found HERE – We apologise and the old website has now been taken offline!

Schedule of the Day

The schedule of the day has not changed from when it was announced previously HERE

Drop/Collection Location

For those that missed the announcement, The drop point is Arups on Blythe Valley Business Park. Kit check opens at 8am, You will need to find your team before proceeding to check in. Please can parents keep an eye on Facebook/Twitter/Website and we will announce when the first buses leave the Command Centre on Saturday night and give you a better ETA.


1) What’s the deal with toilets?

There will be no toilet facilities at Arups. There will be public toilets for use in the playing area and there will be a portaloo at the food stop

2) Can I leave something out of the kit list and use common sense?

No. The kit list must be adhered to 100% – If you wish to carry extra items then that is fine, As long as you have all compulsory items

3) Do catchers really have to go through all the same kit checks?

Yes. The rules for catchers are the same as they are for Scouts & Explorers. The kit list must be adhered to 100%

4) Can I reorder my teams?

No. The teams are now locked down as we need to precisely work out the coach loadings.

We understand there are some issues with health form links being emailed to people and either not coming through or going straight to spam.

As a work around we have created an additional page on the event management website which can be found here: http://events.solihullscouts.org.uk/operation-chameleon/health-form/

This page will ask for your ID number, to obtain this ID number please ask your group leader who will be able to log in to the management system (as described in the leader email the other day) and give it to you. Once your ID has been entered you’ll get taken to a new webpage which asks for your email address. If you enter your email address and it doesn’t work, Please get your group leader to double check what email address was used during registration, That is the email that needs to be entered!

We apologise for this complication but this new health form system has only been used once before so we’re still finding issues with it, Please be patient with us while we work to try and get health forms completed for all people taking part on Saturday!