17th November 2018

T Minus -62 days until
O.C Commence

We understand there are some issues with health form links being emailed to people and either not coming through or going straight to spam.

As a work around we have created an additional page on the event management website which can be found here: http://events.solihullscouts.org.uk/operation-chameleon/health-form/

This page will ask for your ID number, to obtain this ID number please ask your group leader who will be able to log in to the management system (as described in the leader email the other day) and give it to you. Once your ID has been entered you’ll get taken to a new webpage which asks for your email address. If you enter your email address and it doesn’t work, Please get your group leader to double check what email address was used during registration, That is the email that needs to be entered!

We apologise for this complication but this new health form system has only been used once before so we’re still finding issues with it, Please be patient with us while we work to try and get health forms completed for all people taking part on Saturday!