17th November 2018

T Minus -62 days until
O.C Commence

The wait is over, the results table is now available to view and download online: Click here!

If you have any queries on how the results table has been populated then please consult the rule book, but in brief, it’s who had the most points and then ordered by who finished first.

As always it’s important we get your¬†feedback¬†so please Click Here to and complete our short survey. We will having a post event meeting of the Operations Team in the next couple of weeks where all of your feedback will be read and acted upon, if we want to continue this event and to keep it growing, your feedback is crucial.

If you have any photos from the day then please email them to us and we will be able to use them in future promotion of the event and publish them online so everyone can see what a great day we had!!

Finally, Thanks to all of you that have already sent us an email about the day, Your kind words and enthusiasm have really made the management team feel great about we’ve achieved. It’s these emails and comments that convince us to run the event again and again… watch this space.