17th November 2018

T Minus -62 days until
O.C Commence

Enclosed in this notification is (hopefully) all the final information you need to take part and enjoy Operation Chameleon 2014 on Saturday! Please take time to read and understand all the information in this post before contacting us with any queries.

Arrival Times
Due to the high number of entries this year we are asking that you attend your kit check time as allocated in the link below. The registration process will again take place at Arups on the Blythe Valley Business Park, Details on how to get there are linked below. You must group with your team before coming for kit check. The kit list is also linked below

Rule Book
The Rule Book for 2014 has been updated with the new rules and is linked below

Return Home
We estimate that the arrival time back to Arup will be not long after 9pm. Notification will be given on a more accurate arrival time on the day via this website, email, facebook and twitter.

Directions to Arup
Kit List
Kit Check Times