17th November 2018

T Minus -62 days until
O.C Commence

…what a terrific year we’ve had, Operation Chameleon has continued to grow every year and this, our 4th year was by far the biggest so thank you for getting involved.

The Results Table is now online, please head to the website or CLICK HERE to view the results. Congratulations to all of our winners, we look forward to seeing photos of your trophies in your meeting place!

A big thank you is in order to your leaders, your parents and to all of our volunteers who made this event possible, it’s so rewarding to know how many people are there to “just lend a hand” when needed!

We want Operation Chameleon to continue growing, but that can only happen if we get your feedback so please take a minute to fill in our feedback form, FIND IT HERE

We hope to be back shortly with information about Operation Chameleon 2016, our 5th Birthday!!

All buses have now departed, Latest ETA will be 21:15

Please remember that the presentations will take place before their departure from ARUPS, we kindly ask you bear with us during this process and get involved, we’ve had a great day, lets end on a high bigger than the Wrekin!!

With just a few days to go until the biggest Operation Chameleon EVER we’ve got a few important announcements.

We currently have over 500 people registered to walk on Saturday which is incredible, so thank you all again for your support, we hope it’s going to be a great day!

Mobile Phones
It’s been pointed out to us that Mobile Phones are not on the kit list. They should be! If you have one, please bring it, fully charged! You’ll need to register your mobile number in the morning. Unlike previous years, phones will only be used to register your location and in an emergency, we have a new game management system this year which we’re really excited about! Make sure you turn off all unnecessary features (WiFi, Bluetooth etc) that will drain your battery!

We are again using ARUPs as a base location for Operation Chameleon, your group leader will have hopefully told you what time you need to be there on Saturday, for details on how to find it please see here: MAP – Please follow the Operation Chameleon Signs and be patient with our marshals.

Health Forms!
We cannot say this enough, without a health form you cannot take part. If you arrive on Saturday morning and you haven’t completed a health form we can’t let you board the bus! If you’re not sure if you’ve completed your form or not then please contact your leader!

Full Rule Book
We’ve just uploaded the full rule book to our website. Please take the time to sit down and read all the rules, there are some significant changes to the rule book this year! Find it HERE

This year we are doing the final presentations at ARUP. When the buses return to ARUP please do not take your child home straight away…you’d hate to miss them picking up the trophy!! An arrival time will be made public on the day through the website, facebook, twitter and email!

That’s all…we’ll see you on Saturday!

Chameleons don’t have the right amount of fingers to type correctly it seems.

Both the Kit List & Field Rule Book can be downloaded from the downloads page on the website, click here!

Don’t forget that tomorrow evening is the booking deadline for Operation Chameleon 2015, make sure you’ve got those registrations in on time as we cannot accept any late entries! Has your leader signed up?

We’re also happy to say we can release this years kit list, Download Here!

This year we are also introducing the addition of a Field Rule Book, this is a shortened set of rules to be carried with each team during the event. The updated version of our full rule book will be released later this week, but for now, download the Field Rule Book Here!

Finally, make sure your payment for the event is with your leaders, leaders will be sent payment details once the bookings have closed!