17th November 2018

T Minus -62 days until
O.C Commence

We have just published the Rule Books and Kit Lists for 2016. They can be found online here: DOWNLOADS

We suggest that you pay extra attention to the changed and updated rules about waypoints!

Please make sure that you have received and completed your health form. If you haven’t received one then please contact your group leader, you cannot take part in Operation Chameleon without completing your health form!

More information about kit check times will be available shortly!

We need extra people to help us on the morning of Operation Chameleon supporting Kit Check at Arups on Blythe Valley Business Park. You don’t need a scouting DBS and it will only take a couple of hours at the most but it means that we can kit check all participants a lot quicker which then makes the arrival time at Arups later….if you can help then please reply to this email and let us know!

As always, any issues then please contact mission.control@operationchameleon.org.uk